Living Wildlife Aware


Living Wildlife Aware

Welcome to a community blog where we can share ideas on how we can live sustainably with our wildlife.

Just small changes to our every day habits make big differences to the amazing wildlife  we share our back yard with.  We are so lucky, particularly in the Redlands to be surrounded by wildlife that we sometimes take for granted. Whether it be a koala sitting in a gum tree in the school oval, birds chirping in the backyard or dolphins frolicking in the waters of Morten Bay. We want future generations to be able to experience this too!

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Spread the word and be rewarded when you see what is in your own backyard!


Wildlife, Video skills and prizes!   During 2014, I had the pleasure, with a team of volunteers,  to inspire children to learn video skills, connect with wildlife and enter the WPSQ Bayside Cicada Awards for 2014.   Over 150 children participated in our Living wildlife Aware filming workshops.  The experience for myself, volunteers and participants was so rewarding. 

Most importantly  our wildlife will benefit most as the community sees short films created by youth portraying their concerns for our wildlife’s future. 

Cicada Awards continue the call in 2016
WPSQ Bayside CICADA AWARDS rewards youth who use film to share their wildlife concerns

These awards  are open for students to make a video on a wildlife issue close to their heart. The student who makes the best video will win $1000. The success of 2015 Cicada Awards has encouraged organisers to broaden the entries levels and prizes for 2016.   Stay tuned on the Cicada Awards for latest information!

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WPSQ Bayside CICADA AWARDS for 2015

For more information check out Cicada Awards

Check out the Bayside Bulletin article





WPSQ Bayside CICADA AWARDS for 2014
Over 150 people packed the Cleveland District State High School Performing Arts Centre in December for the Premiere Screening of Wildlife Queensland Bayside Branch’s (WQ Bayside) Cicada Awards 2013-2014 as the audience was treated to what WQ Bayside described as 15 of the best student environmental films of all time.

Guest Speaker  was internationally renowned film maker David Hannah, Director Plankton Productions &  founder of Ocean Ark Alliance who donated, presented three special ocean-themed Awards.   Alex Baltais WPSQ representative came to share her commitment to this project.    Our MC will be Redlands Councillor Paul Bishop, supporter of Redlands Arts community committee member  and conservation supporter.  Some entrants were awarded cameras donated by Julie Geldard of VidPicPro who, with assistance from RCC’s Conservation Grant, conducted Film & Editing Workshops which assisted some entrants with their films.

You can view the Cicada Awards entrants and Prizes on  Wildlife Queensland website.

Here is a taste of the quality of entrants:
1st Prize winners: Sadie Caynes-Henry & Lily Matheson for
Everything you always wanted to know about Koalas

Tip!   Just click playlist or next button to view all the videos from here or visit the WPSQ Bayside Branch Website

Please see how easy it is to enter Cicada Awards, and be inspired by the quality of film making.  I am just amazed by the great ideas, high standard of filming and messages each film portrays.

The call is out!  We want  YOU to enter the Cicada Awards in 2016.

Living Wildlife Aware – Call is out to Enter – WPSQ Bayside Cicada Awards from Julie Geldard on Vimeo.

How to make a film using a story board

Be rewarded for creative ideas and determination to improve our wildlife’s world and yours. The Cicada Awards aim to SPREAD the WORD on ways we can help our wildlife grow and increase our quality of life as well as our wildlife’s.

Previous entrant Emily said. “The more students that enter the Cicada Awards competition, the more that awareness can be directed to our environment, through a medium that is assured to turn heads and keep them fixed. I can’t endorse this program”

In 2014 our local workshops on filming and editing were supported by Bayview State School, Cleveland State High School, Indigiscapes, Kindilan and Russel Island State School which involved over 150 children participating and feeling inspired to enter the WPSQ Cicada Awards.

We all would like to thank Martin and crew from Geckoes Wildlife for providing us with the best models.  Participants will now be coming up with their ideas for a conservation issue for their video entry, creating their story board, filming and preparing for the fun of editing.   Filming Workshops Magic moments while children had their cameras up close to Geckoes Wildlife:

Use our Editing Video Tutorials by Sean McKay to master  tips on how to edit your footage to create a strong video.

How to Edit a Video using Windows

How to Edit a Video using Mac

Contact Julie Geldard  for assistance to finalise your Cicada Award Entry.

Our wildlife is Unique and AWESOME.  Join us to tell the community  how easily we can all  LIVE with Awareness  and Preserve our Wildlife for future generations to enjoy too. Links for Entry forms


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  2. Hi my name is Suni and I am 12 years of age I go to a awesome school which is Russell Island state school I woulde like to patisapatein this activity of the wild life on Russell Island and Macleay since I was a little kid I have all waaysloved to be and see animals

    • HI Suni, I would love to have you join the workshop and learn how to make a video clip. I hope you can also enter the Cicada Awards. Please have a look on this Blog page for ideas. If you could email me with your contact details, Mum or Dads, telephone and any medical conditions or allergies: Please send them by email: Thank you so much for your interest. I know you will have a great time at the workshop. Julie

  3. hi my name is kaylee and i would like to sign up for for this compation i am 10 years old i am very good at photography and i thing i wiil win

    from kaylee hamilton

    • HI Kaylee. I love your positive attitude. Think Big is the best way to the top! Have you got an idea on a theme? Have a look at previous years winners and also in the “Did you Know?” section of the blog site. I can help you with ideas too and I am sure that Mr Tucker can too. I have your name down for the fun workshop: Would you mind to email me with some details mobile, allergies, emergency contact. My email is Thank you for booking into the workshop. We will have fun. Julie

  4. hi my name is Alysha and i would like to sign up for the cicada awards i am 10 years old and i am very good at doing videos and takeing photos i would like to win this compation i go to Russell island state school and i live on Russell island i will do the best i can


  5. My name is Eliza and i am 11 and I am in year 6. I go to Russell Island school and I live at Macleay Island. I am writing to you so Ican apply to enter in the Cicada Award so I can try to photograph my favourite animals like snakes, birds, koalas and all sorts of animals.

    • HI Eliza, I am so pleased you love animals so much. Me too! I have your name down on the list for the workshop. Let me know if you need a loan camera? You can enter using a tablet, phone, camera or video. Do you have a theme or idea for your entry. Let me know if you need help. Did you watch the winners from past years? Pease send me Full names, mobile, allergies, emergency contact. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. email is Julie

  6. Hi my name is Chloe and I am 12 years old. I am from Russell Island State School. I would like to participate in the Cicada Awards.

    • Thank you Chloe, I have put your name down for the Workshop on Russel Island? . Let me know if you need a loan camera? You can enter using a tablet, phone, camera or video. Do you have a theme or idea for your entry into the Cicada Award. Let me know if you need help. Did you watch the winners from past years? Pease send me Full names, mobile, allergies, emergency contact. Thank you so much for your enthusiasm. email is Julie

  7. My name is Jyotika, I am in year 7 and I’m 13 years old. I love nature and I want to do something to help it.

    • Hi Jyoytika,
      That is great. I feel the same. Are you wanting to join one of the workshop at Russel Island? Would you like to make to make a short film on issues faced by our wildlife and enter the Cicada Awards? Please let me know what are your plans? . Look forward to hearing. I will put your names down for Russel. If that is your plans, please email me all your details: Full names, mobile, allergies, emergency contact. Thank you so much for your is

  8. Hi my name is Bethany & I am in year 5 and I am 10 years and I want to apply so when I grow up I can become a better entymologist and also study arachnids. And if I win first prize it would help all my dreams come true.

  9. Bethany, that is wonderful. I love photographing insects. I know a lady at Mt Cotton that breeds stick insects. You would love her collection. Please tell me if you would need a loan camera? I have booked your into the workshop would you email me with your email/phone number/emergency contact and any allergies. You will need to bring some nibbles for morning tea as well. Thank you so much for booking into the wildlife filming workshop Bethany.

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