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Did you know?

Be amazed at how easily we can nurture our wildlife with some easy changes in our life style.

Did you know?

Wildlife Preservation Society of Qld, Bayside Branch is looking for film or animation that help educate people about our wildlife and flora.  These films would nourish or inspire, touch the spirit, make us wonder, laugh or shed a tear. Such a film would show how we can help and provide hope for wildlife!

Latest Living Wildlife Aware News Flash!

Ours Birds are struggling to glue their nests up with their favourite cobwebs being sprayed with smelly toxic poisons.

Not only does the poisons kill our birds favourite food – spiders – but also contaminates their webs making the web threads undesirable to make birds nests from.

Please read more on this link:  Bird Awareness

Feeding Birding at home: Is this good or bad?

Lets Think:  WHAT HAPPENS on holidays?
Birds may not  know how to find their own feed.
Some seeds cause internal damage & loss of  feathers



Did you know that loss  of habitat is a huge stress to our wildlife?

Plant natives – koala friendly trees
Install Possum boxes and  Bird boxes
Planting wildlife friend plants & gardens  Encourage: Bees, Bugs, Birds, reptiles, frogs, Koalas
Contacts: Indigiscapes for plants native to our area:   Check the free plants day

Habitat Tips for our wildlife

Planting a new Garden?   Butterflies may need flowers for food but also different plants to lay their eggs on!

Check out the best plants from the BOIC (butterfly and other invertebrate group)

Butterfly Friendly plants

Butterfly Project  Richmond Birdwing Butterfly Planting project

Did you now that Richmond Birdwing Butterflies lay their eggs on Dutchmans pipe which  will poisen the baby butterflies?

Please think of removing Dutchmans Pipe from your garden!
Check out this site to find Butterfly food and host plants for egg laying:


Providing a safe back yard
Pets – cats with no bells- left out at night
Releasing cats unwanted animals into bushland if not wanted.

Putting fish tank fish into local streams – causing unbalancing of eco system and devastation to local fish

Dogs un restrained in back yards
Pool fences – or KAG group suggest koala friendly fencing

Contact: Koala Action Group
Sue Whitelaw KAG convenor

Car & Boats speeding – boat strikes – car strikes
A Great idea:  Slow down and Nominate a wild life spotter especially around dawn and dusk!

Litter finds its way into ocean which can be mistaken for jelly fish and eaten by Turtles, whales & other sea creatures
Eaten by birds, even fed to their young
Entanglement and Disgarded nets; Disgarded crab pots can cause slow painful deaths to sea creatures.

Cigarette Buts  are toxic  leaching of toxins into waterways & bushlands
Did you know that we can now recycle cigarette butts??

Drink bottles: floating in ocean – Stop sale of water bottles – Use refillable water bottles
Stop buying plastic drink water bottles. Go back to days of local towns provide water fountains.
Options for future without plastic drink water bottles.

YARD MAINTENANCE  – check your yard for plover eggs & chicks, lizards before mowing your lawn
Check trees & hedge for birds nests before cutting down or hedge trimming
Disposing of non native plants & pest plants into bush lands is a huge threat to native bushland

SOIL MANAGEMENT sediment retention.
Soil erosions – causing high mud content in bay – which means that current species will be unable to survive
Retain your soil, nutrients & chemicals.

CHEMICAL POLUTION: Use natural garden techniques
Companion planting,  Natural pesticides
Washing cars on lawn not Road.

FERTISER RUN OFF – Over saturation of Nitrogen/fertilisers polluting water ways
Worm Farming, Composting,
Creating Bi Filtration ponds & Swales &  Floating wetlands, Waterway or dam.

Reducing power usage, installing solar panels,
Using and capturing Water with Tanks and drain overflow absorption.

Thank you for caring and sharing any tips!


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